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One of the most exciting Robot offerings in recent memory occurred in
Japan during April/May of 2007.
Some Rare prized Robot sculptures from famed
Japanese designer Mr. Shibahara,
were available to purchase post art show.
Read all the exciting Details Below !!!



Mr. Shibahara has been collecting the goods of SHOWA period including the tin toys from the (50s/60s/70s).
Taking the advantage of his previous occupation as an accessory craftsman he began to create robots several years ago.
Now for the first time the public has the opportunity to look at 30 of his fabulous robot creations.
The deep knowledge of Mr. Shibahara to work with tin toys are giving the tin robots a nostalgic and classic appearance like the robots of The Golden Age of the Japanese Robots.(50s and 60s)
Please note: all robots are just sculptures without a mechanical feature, they are not walking except the #29 and #30.
The Exhibition of RETRO ROBOT UNIVERSE (display with the exhibits on sale)
Subtitle : - Residents of The Near Future of Whom I Dreamed Once -
The studio of Hideo Shibahara who is a tin robot artist only [ Japanese ] now. 1950-60 The world by which Inspire was
carried out is reproduced using tin plate from the tin robot of an age. This time, it is an exhibition sales schedule about
all the works of his from 2002 to 2006.
Schedule:Fron April 21st 2007 Saturday to May 8th 2007 Tuesday.
Open time  Noon to 8:00 pm./Wednesday closed
Place/Shibuya Metro Buliding 2F VINTAGE GATE GALLERY
150-0002/Metro Building 2F, 1-16-14 Shibuya,Shibuya-ku, TOKYO (Map)

Thanks to Gernot from Alphadrome for providing the additional information below.

To follow the other topics about the Artbot Exhibition and the purchase of those nice samples by fellow alphadomers, here are some pictures from the place of origin of these wonderful robots.

First here are the Links to the other topics including these Robots from Mr. Shibahara:


Together with my long time japanese friend Nobuo Kumagai, the founder and owner of the famous OTTI (Osaka TIn Toy Institute) and together with the son of former robot collector Mr. Morita, dealer and owner of a toy shop in Tokyo (the son, not the father) I was invited to join them making a trip to the house and "Factory" of Mr. Shibahara.

Mr. Shibahara is a retired craftsman, around 60 years old, a very quiet and friendly person.
He welcomed us with good food he made by himself (Japanese grilled Eel on rice, delicious).

With the help of my japanese friends I asked some questions about the idea of making those robots and the practical way to do it.

Here I add some photos I was shooting at his workshop, a very small garage (and thats what it is) full of tools and things. In the picture you can see his newest creations, a series of three scirted robots.

One was alreay finished and painted in some kind of ocker/dark yellow colour including a small airplane in the opening chest.

The second one was half ready with working gears and a piston in the visible chest, using a second engine and set of batteries. The head was not made, he was still thinking about it.

It was amazing to see how he is building these robots just out of plain metal sheets with just some ordinary tools which everybody can get. There are no big machines involved, just craftsmanship, creativity and ... lots of time.

He told us that he has worked around plus minus 3 months on the first of these three new robots, while making the others in parallel. Amazing.

He has started around 5 years ago making his first robot in a followed series of around 30 pieces all together up to now.

He was first inspired by the robot creation of another japanese artist, whose one of a kind robots were pictured in a magazine and later displayed in an exhibition of Mr. Kitahara in Yokohama ( I have seen those other robots in person some years ago, just fantastic).

I try to find that article or pictures from those robots which are similar in general to the robots of Mr. Shibahara (maybe posted here on Alphadrome).

Here are the first pictures, more background informations to come.

O.K. here we go.

First the idea and drawing is created. He writes down all the ideas including drawings of the design on paper. Here are some shots of his drawings, you will recognize some of his first robots.

He is cutting all the metal sheets mainly with a very fine saw. The "rivet" look is simply punched into the metal by hand with a tool. The several sheets are mounted together in the same way as the original toys, with tabs and holes. Every hole and circle and tab is cuttet or sawed with simple tools. It was incredible to see him sawing a perfect round hole into a plain metal sheet.

To some robots he is adding some features, little gadgets in the chest or back (look at Steves "Telephone Robot"), some even run on batteries, but the majority just stands still like a sculpture. All are unique. Now one might understand that it will never happen that one of these robots will make it into a series or production. This is another world of making, not to be compared with the machines I have seen at the metal house factory.

Within 5 years he made around 30 pieces including those huge robot houses and zeppelins.

The friendly relationship between Mr. Shibahara and Osaka Ton Toy Institute lead to the special exhibition where al his creations up to now have been presented the first time in public with the chance to buy them at the end.

I could hardly understand putting so much time, work and creativity in those robots and then let them all go at once !

Now they are spread around the world in famous robot collections, some might even are staying in Japan.

In this way his fantastic art and creations now belong to the world, the world of robot collectors, even so few have been made. Just to see them on pictures or now in collections make them very very special !

He seemed to be very happy to hear the stories about his robots now standing in other collections around the world and how they have been admired here on the board.

I showed him some pictures of my collection and while he liked the picture of the Strenco Robot so much I promised him to give him on of Volkers golden Strencos as a present in exchange for his invitation.

He is not really collecting robots himself, he has a few but also other many items he enjoys such as japanese advertisment pieces.
But he has the most fun and fulfillness while creating and making such a robot, after that he can let it go for others to enjoy.

Not so bad after all, I guess.

Thank you again Gernot

Now here is the Process of making a Pierot head  
Bottom and both side of head is created from one tin plate.
Rivets pattern are carefully struck using punch.

Bend side trim right angle.

Fitting back side part.

Face and Mask parts.

Bend back tabs right angle.

Making nose and eyes.
Bend back right angle for fitting mask slits.

Open eyes use jig saw by hand.

Face mask, nose,eyes and ears.

Fitting tab and slit.

Not to bend tabs this time.
After painting assemble each parts.

The face of Pierott.

3 Art Bots Closeups

Just discovered Rare Prototypes ???
Nope the only 2 hand crafted Robots
custom built by Ozzie's




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